Creative Writing

Admission Key Facts:

All students registered to attend our English Language courses will be required to take an English Language Placement Test, which will assess the relative abilities of each student. Students are then placed into ability groups based on the results of their assessment, and the material that they study is tailored to the level of the class.
Once you have booked your place on a course we will send you information on how to take our online Placement Test. This test should take approximately one hour and be taken by the student at least one month prior to their arrival date.
Please note that Oxford Royale Academy English courses do not cater for beginners in English.

Start Dates Mondays from 6th June – 26th August 2022 inclusive
Course duration– (Fixed/ Self-paced)- 1 week fixed.- Monday to Friday
Pathway program ONCAMPUS( face to face)
What do I need? (Time/ Tech/English skills)
Pricing: Free/ Paid -£995 GBP per week

Additional Information (if any)

Tutor Support-Our teachers are educated at the world’s best universities and many now teach in these same universities and are leading lights in their fields. They are committed to the ORA philosophy, infectiously enthusiastic, and are experts in bringing out the very best in students of all backgrounds and abilities.


Course Overview

There are many components to the art of being a great writer, from the ability to get into someone else’s head or the craft of maintaining a feeling of suspense to the straightforward nuts-and-bolts skills of writing convincing dialogue or punctuating correctly.
This course will introduce you to the art of creative writing through the exploration and critical analysis of a wide variety of genres. By considering the different styles and methods employed by these genres, you will be shown how you can hone your own creative writing skills.

Program Outline/Syllabus

Course Topics

The following is a list of sample topics that may be covered in the course.

  • Introduction to creative writing
  •  Avoiding cliché
  •  Finding and introducing characters
  •  The role of the narrator, and point of view
  •  Dialogue
  •  Planning a story
  •  Metaphors and defamiliarisation
  •  Expressing emotion
  •  Building suspense
  •  Editing and redrafting

Kindly note that the exact syllabus is subject to change.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Be aware of the key choices open to you when you write
  • Have produced individual and joint pieces of writing based on stimuli provided
  • Know how to provide and receive constructive feedback on writing
  • Have experimented with a number of different techniques and begun to form ideas about what does and does not work for you in your own writing
  • Be able to plan, write and edit your own work to ensure your final submitted piece is of the best possible quality
  • Feel more confident when presenting your own writing, concepts and ideas to your peers, both online and in person
  • Have gained an insight into what future study in creative writing, and a career in literature, may involve


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