Not interested in Live tuition, then the Self -paced learning option is just for you!


No Class scheduling.

Scheduling is one of the major challenges since often the schedules of tutors and students may not match. Take the hassle of scheduling, cancellations, rescheduling out -Self-paced learning is exactly what it means -pace your learning as you can and when you can.


Reusability-Repeated access helps in building a solid base.

Self-paced learning has assessments and/ or quizzes at the end of each module. Through these assessments, you can evaluate your understanding of the concepts. You can review the content again till you have a solid understanding of the content or concept. This kind of flexibility is not available in Live tutoring.


Greater focus

In a classroom environment or live tutoring, there are chances of students getting distracted due to family members/friends or other reasons. However, with self-paced learning students generally learn only at a time where there are no distractions, which leads to effective learning. The content is also very engaging and aids better learning!



With the self-paced learning option, you can learn anytime and from anywhere, whether you are travelling or at home.


Cost effectiveness

Virtual or Live tutoring involves varied costs such as fees for instructors, costs related to venues in the case of classroom training or technology costs. On the contrary, self-paced learning does not involve any of these costs and thus it is highly cost effective. Pick up a package and the content is all yours to learn when you want to.


Suits all types of learning styles/needs.

Different people have different learning styles. Some students prefer to go through the same subject matter or content multiple times, and this may require more time for completing a course. Whereas some students can complete a course very fast. Likewise, the learning and capacity of comprehension of every individual is different. Self-paced learning is suited for all types of learners. Students who want to finish a course fast don’t have to wait for others; whereas students who need more time to grasp the content can do it at their own pace.

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