EdVantage Skills Academy is proud to launch its Online tutoring initiative – EdVantage Academix! As a education company we believe in “Education beyond borders’ and we will continue to strive to connect students to the best tutors worldwide!

EdVantage Academix is all about making learning fun and getting better grades at school! Bringing the best of learning to your child through live tutoring offered by the best of teachers who are experts in their field. Our e-tutoring system, combined with expert tutors, customised lesson plans, other learning resources and assessments will ensure that your child finds learning fun and will make passing their exams a breeze! Regardless of where you live we will find a tutor that suits your child’s needs.

Every parent wants their child to excel in studies and everything they do. However, not all students are alike and there is no one -size fits all solution to a child’s learning problems. Our tutoring system brings in a personalised approach, customised road map, and interactive learning that will bring you peace of mind, confidence in your child followed by amazing results in their academics. Choose EdVantage Academix for Online tutoring today and set your child up for success!

Is online Tutoring going to work for my child?

It does not get much better than when you have the best of learning delivered to you right in the comfort and safety of your home, where you get to stay in constant touch with your child’s progress, all of it at an affordable price too!

Key Features and Benefits of the EdVantage SpeakSmart – Online learning program

Discover the X-factor in your academics and let EdVantage Academix help you succeed!

How EdVantage Academix - Online Tutoring works?

EdVantage Academix in an Online Tutoring program that provides students with private tuition either 1-on-1 or in small groups – connecting them with the best tutors and learning resources for amazing results and success!

1. Register With Us

Parents, get your child to register with us today! Sign up for free with your name and contact details and someone from our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly."

2. Tell Us Your Needs

We would love to hear all about your needs, your choice of curriculum, what areas you want to work on and require help, what you want to achieve!

3. Choose Your Package

Based on your child’s needs , you can choose our 1-on-1 Tutoring program or Small group Tutoring program based on whether you are seeking individual and personalised learning

4. Connect With Tutor

We match your needs to a qualified, experienced and expert tutor that is ideal for our needs. All of our tutors are vetted, trained and experienced in Online tutoring. You will be provided with all the details about our tutor so you can get to know their credentials and capabilities and be rest assured that your child will be getting nothing but the best!

5. Start Learning

Schedule your first class. Tell us what time suits you and we will schedule your first class. The class starts as soon as you and your tutor are ready. This is a great opportunity for you to meet your tutor and familiarise yourself with our Online Software system complete with a virtual classroom, Interactive whiteboard, audio/video chat, screen sharing, text editor, file sharing and much more.

Personalized Tutoring and support

Personalized tutoring involves a study plan/ road map designed for each specific student. That means your child will get help with homework and assistance filling in the gaps so they are confident in the classroom.  We will support this with regular feed back, keeping your family in the loop and checking in regularly with weekly session reports on how your child is doing.

Experience the EdVantage Academic Difference

Unlike some tutoring services, EdVantage Academic treats each student like a unique individual and each customised study plan for your child is a unique project. We know that every child, teenager, and adult has different learning styles and preferences. The comfort level and need for individual attention or preference to study in a small group and interact with other students and share knowledge will define what type of program you want to choose for your child.

That is why our tutors understand the needs and work with your child to develop a program that fits their specific needs and learning abilities. Our process is unique, focusing on the student’s areas of weakness and approach to learning. The learning environment is designed for accelerated learning whilst being safe, fun, engaging and result-oriented

Our tutoring services are helping numerous students around the globe. We continually implement the best strategies and techniques for students to grow and develop their academic abilities. We ensure your investment in your child’s education is maximized and it gets real results that you and your child will be thrilled about!

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