Politics and International Relations

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Start Dates Mondays from 06th of June 2022 – 30th September 2022
Course duration– (Fixed/ Self-paced)- 1 week fixed.- Monday to Friday
2-3 weeks fixed.- Monday to Friday
Pathway program ONCAMPUS( face to face)
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Pricing: Free/ Paid -£995 GBP per week

Additional Information (if any)

Tutor Support-Our teachers are educated at the world’s best universities and many now teach in these same universities and are leading lights in their fields. They are committed to the ORA philosophy, infectiously enthusiastic, and are experts in bringing out the very best in students of all backgrounds and abilities.


Course Overview

Build a progressive understanding from the foundations of Political Science to some of the most pressing issues faced in the field of International Relations. Examine basic academic principles; the development of international politics, the nation state, globalisation, and human rights. Examine the ethical dilemma of torture, and the evolution of modern warfare (with particular emphasis on counter-terrorism legislation). You will study the conceptual basis of global governance, present to your peers on a major international institution, and participate in a class debate on whether or not war can be just.

Program Outline/Syllabus

Course Topics

  • Introduction to politics and political systems around the world
  • Theoretical approaches to international relations
  • Globalization
  • Key issues in global politics
  • The security dilemma – cybersecurity and energy security
  • International law
  • Democracy and political participation
  • Student presentations

What will I learn?

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand the key issues facing global leaders today and in the future
  • Be able to explain contemporary global issues in politics and international relations and take part in debates and discussion
  • Understand the key theoretical debates underpinning these key global issues as they relate to global leadership
  • Have an appreciation of how different nations interact with, influence and rely upon one another
  • Possess a refined ability to analyse contemporary global issues from various theoretical perspectives and be able to argue a case confidently and convincingly Have developed academic research and writing skills for political and social scientific study


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