Intensive Pro Football Camps


International Center of European Football

As the leading professional football player development institution in Europe, ICEF has designed an intensive program to promote the highest values of football and to develop players’ tactical, technical and physical skills.

ICEF’s training is based on the fundamentals of European excellence, following the world-renowned UEFA and FFF methodologies, using the best techniques, programs, and coaching approaches so that each player can reach the next level.

Highlights /Why us?

ICEF’s Pro Weekly technical programs integrate the six fundamentals of professional football:

  • Mastery of technical skills
  • Pursuit of top performance
  • Commitment to physical preparation
  • Mental conditioning and leadership
  • Understanding and vision of the game
  • Smart and responsible injury prevention

Mode of Learning

Choose a An all inclusive experience


  • 25+ hours / week of tactical and technical training supervised by UEFA / FFF licensed technical staff
  • 10 sessions / week of strengthening, physical care and conditioning sessions
  • Mental conditioning
  • Professional assessment
  • Individual and group coach reviews
  • Opportunity to be selected for the 10-month Pro Residency program
  • Friendly and small-sided games

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